Amazon Trust Advisor

Cloud Security with Amazon

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Amazon has been supplying the trusted advisor program for a while, which gives advice on the best way for a customer to use the company’s IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud services. It inspects the Amazon environment and reports opportunities to improve system performance, reliability and way to save money. More importantly, it gives security advice.

As of the 1st of August Amazon has added four free checks for its trusted Advisor customers.

Service limit checks: This prevents a resource from being over or underused. Overused mean overcapacity, and preventing the overcapacity of a resource increases fault tolerance and availability. Under capacity means potential that the user might otherwise have remained unaware of.

Unrestricted checks: Checks which warns users of anything on the Amazon cloud system that could be changed without proper credentials, thus defending against hacking, data loss or denial of service.

IAM (Identity and Access Management) Use check: Which warns customers if only basic account-level credentials are securing Amazon Web Services resources.

Multi-Factor Authentication root check: which makes sure that customers are using more than just a password to identify themselves. A device authentication, such as a mobile phone Id, is also expected.

When logging onto the Amazon Web Services Management console a customer has the option of seeing these alerts. Higher level services are available for a fee.