Azure in Australia

Microsoft has announced data centres in Melbourne and Sydney for Azure cloud services. They have also announced Azure app stores and connections dedicated to the new centres. These dedicated connections ensure a high quality of service. Previous Australia’s connections to Azure in Singapore were plagued by slow connection speeds because to the distances involved.

Apart from the availability of Azure the new centres would provide a greatly increases economy of scale, keeping prices down. Each location can accommodate about 600, 000 servers. The fact that there are two data centres means information can be stored at two locations, providing backup.

Previous Australian Business use of Azure meant there were issues about data being offshore. Information time delays were minor compared to varying security and privacy laws in different political jurisdictions. Some Australian companies preferred to keep their information storage local, even if it meant a lesser-known, more expensive provider.

Azure cloud offers many advantages for users. It uses the familiar windows platform and is easily scalable for a very small to vary large number of users. The fact that a business only needs s to pay for what is used means there is no redundant hardware outlay, further reducing running costs.

A recent Azure outage in November had no effect on Australian servers. The outage was found to be in a configuration change recently introduced into the Azure system.