Opinions vary. Some people believing that portable devices such as iPads and laptop would replace all Home and office PC; others believe that portable devices were an addition to the standard PC. Of course, different individuals make their own decisions. Some acquired portable devices and stopped buying PCs; others bought both PC and portable devices. Either way, PCs have not disappeared.


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There was a 10% decline in PCs at one point, around 2013. Some blamed this on the unpopular windows 8, others on the increasing popularity of alternative and more portable devices. But the 10% was not beginning of a steady downward trend. Instead, PCs lost part of their market to other devices, but still kept about 90% of what it previously had.


The PC may benefit greatly from windows 10. One of the design criterion for windows 10 was cross compatibility with many devices. This meant it would be easier than ever to do work on a portable device and copy it to the PC at home, or vice versa. This suggested that the PC was the main computer and the portable devices were additional units. But while many people copy this pattern it is too easy to just use the portable device and forgo anything else. If our portable devices have internet connections and all the software we need, why bother with another device?


Windows 10 may have increased compatibility across devices, but making windows 10 free for older PCs (with windows 7 or better) may have had some drawbacks. PC sales may have slumped because people continued to use their old model PCs. The old model would run windows 10, so why buy a new model PC? The PCs were being used; lower sales were misinterpreted to mean that PCs were less popular, when really people just continued to update the software and not the machine hardware.


Having old PCs updated to windows 10 may have increased sales of portable devices. People knew their new portable devices were compatible with the old PC, and that was a rather good selling point. Again, PCs were still used, window 10 was being used, and portable devices were selling. But old PCs were doing fine on windows 10, so they weren’t often replaced.


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It is odd to say this in an age when technology advances so fast, but it can be cost effective to repair computers rather than replace them. If your PC or other device can run windows 10 then it’s doing fine and worth keeping.

Do you need a new computer? Then buy a refurbished one. Most refurbished computers can download and run windows 10 for free. They might be a little slower than the latest model, but otherwise they’re fully compatible and a total bargain.


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Underwater data centres make a lot of sense. Half of the world’ population lives a few hours travel from an ocean. If land real estate prices are high then we remember that the ocean floor has little competition for space. As long as servicing is not an issue, which is a question still under investigation, underwater data centres should prove useful.

Microsoft has unveiled Project Natick, an underwater data centre on trial for 4 months. This first centre has been positioned about a kilometre off the West Coast of the USA. As with other projected underwater centres it should provide quick and inexpensive data access for those using the cloud. As more and more computers make use of the cloud for data storage there will be a need for far more data centres.

The initial Natick project looks promising, but is still a smaller sized experiment. If it proves viable the future commercial data centres will have twenty times the storage capacity. The target lifespan of each centre should be about twenty years, but they will be retrieved and upgraded every five years.

One of the major issues with computers and data centres has always been cooling. Power to the machines causes heating that will quickly prove destructive if not compensated for. But underwater data centres should sat naturally cool because of the environment, removing a problem common in other data centre situations. The other major issue is supplying that power. But in accordance with environmental principles these data centres are intended to be self-sufficient, probably using wave and tidal power.  The environment at 30 feet below the water surface, where data centre Natick present is, looks to be quite stable; temperatures should stay consistently cool and tidal forces should be regular.

In the near future Microsoft hopes to have underwater data storage facilities installed and operational within 90 days of request.

ELITE COMPUTERS – A Few Windows 10 Features

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It’s easy to update from windows 8 to windows, 10; it’s even free. But it’s not so easy to get use to the new operating system. Yet windows 10 is designed to be a longer term solution; if we are going to get accustomed to an operating system this looks to be the better bet.

Clear hard Drive: this was once a third party app. Now you can go to the start menu ‘storage’ section of the settings app. This will show you the files and folders on a drive and how much space they occupy. There are more powerful tools if you want to pay for third party programmes, but this inbuilt one is quite good.

Uninstall Apps: It used to be a nuisance if you wanted to uninstall an application, unless you paid for a third party programme.  Now you can right click any app on the start menu and select uninstall. If you can’t find the app you want to uninstall, just click all Apps at the bottom of the start menu.

Pin any app to the start menu. Most people know about this, but it’s a good idea for anything you use on a regular basis. It’s also good to have the old start menu back.

Keyboard shortcuts; There are more of these than ever. Including:

Win+Q or Win+S: Open Cortana (personal assistant)

Win+I: Open Windows 10 Settings.

Win+A: Open the notification centre.

Win+Ctrl+D: Create a new virtual desktop.

Win+Ctrl+F4: Close the current virtual desktop.


There is more than a little written about the privacy issues on windows 10. If you are concerned, simply change the settings.

To minimize what is sent to Microsoft.

Settings > Privacy.

Scroll to Feedback & diagnostics.

            Under Diagnostics and Usage Data select Basic.

Now only minimal information is sent to Microsoft; hopefully nothing compromising.

Fingerprint recognition capabilities. Your machine may or may not have the hardware for this, but the operating system is ready for it. This might be the end of passwords.

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One of the biggest regrets we have with fast moving technology is the missed opportunities. Individuals update their synthesizers, phones and computers knowing there was untapped potential in the devices that never got used. We can avoid this, at least to some extent, by familiarizing ourselves with the systems; it also helps to search the internet for other people’s experience and recommendations. We will never know every detail of our machines, but a little extra knowledge will be useful on a regular basis.

What is Quantum Computing

Early October 2015, and researchers at the University of New South Wales have built a logic gate that looks to make quantum computers feasible. But what is a quantum computer?

We know a classic computer uses bits of information, either ones or zeros (on/off, true/false, depending how you notate them). These bits are process by a variety of logic gates; logic gates take two bits of information and give a one bit response; An AND type logic gate takes two bits of information and outputs a ‘one’ (on, true …etc.) if both inputs are one, and outputs a zero under any other circumstance. And OR logic gate takes two bit and out a ‘one’ if either input bit is ‘one’. There are also NAND, NOR, XOR, NOT gates. All classic computing uses complex combinations of these logic functions.

In the past bits in classic computers have consisted of voltages between zero and a set higher value, usually 5 or 10 volts. A zero bit was represented by a zero (or near zero) voltage; a one was represented by a higher voltage. With enough bits a complex pattern of ones and zeros could be represented. With 2 bits there were 4 representations; with 3 there were 8 representations. It there were N bits there were 2 to the Nth combinations.

Quantum computers are different from classic computers in several ways. One difference is that where a classic computer has exactly one state amongst 2 to the Nth possibilities the quantum computer simultaneously has many states, up to 2 to the Nth power. The initial state of the quantum qubits (quantum bits) represents a piece of data; these are applied to a series of gates know as a quantum algorithm, and the resulting state (one of 2 to the Nth possibilities) is the outcome. Because of the non-deterministic nature of the quantum algorithm this outcome is only considered correct within a certain probability.

The new development at the UNSW is the invention of a logic gate that works with qubits. This has basically been the last major hurdle in building a quantum computer; all the necessary building blocks for operational quantum computers are now here.

The benefits of quantum computers are numerous. Their massively increased speed is one factor. Massively increased speed means programs can now be much more complex and still produce results in a reasonable amount of time. Programs to predict the weather once took several days to run, by which time the weather conditions had already come and gone. Modern computers caught up with this at least a generation ago, but faster computers would allow more complex programs and quicker calculation results. Computer models for the human body, very useful for medical research, are now quite feasible and potential quite complex. Other applications and models are numerous. And because quantum computers use tiny particles such as photons for their qubits, and equally tiny logic gates, their size is much smaller than any present technology.