– Security will always be a concern. But this is most noticeable in a time of transition, specifically a business’s transition to the public cloud. A mixture on new and established approaches will be used and modified/developed for the cloud environment. There will always be hackers and other threats, but the cloud will end up at least as safe as previous computing models.
– Hybrid cloud, the combining of public and private, will be common. Hybrid cloud is not a set template, so each company will have their own combination that integrates the two forms. The solution provider will need the skills to do this, but there should be plenty of work for those who are capable.
– Mobile apps already allow employees to work from anywhere. Having half a dozen enterprise apps or more on your smartphone will soon be quite regular. Offices will become further decentralized as employees work from wherever they are.
– The phone and IT systems may merge; mergers and acquisitions between companies may be common, and hopefully mean well integrated services.
– The internet of things has been imminent for a while. If it seems to progressing slowly it may be because of the huge range of items and services that may come about. And the fact that the changing computer landscape means nothing can be finalizes till standards are set. Watches and Google glasses have been selling for a while. Other wearables such as clothing with sensors also exist. Expect home appliances, furniture, healthcare, manufacturing and so much else to be net connected.
– Many tends followed or predicted the past have proved false, often comically so. We tend to notice either the true patterns or the laughably false ones at any point in time, and draw attention to one or the other. Really, some patterns prove accurate, some do not. The fact that the false predictions are permanently recorded on the net proves embarrassing; the true predictions are also recorded, but just seem obvious in hindsight.