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Can you imagine a life without computers? I actually know more people who live without a personal car than a personal computer. Of course they use public transport, but we all have public computers in our life too. Banking, library loans, most retailing, even the public transport systems have used computers for decades.

Schools have had some computer integration for more than a generation. Children adapt to them quite easily, showing that computer use is not so much hard as just different to what we were formally use to. Like a foreign language it is only difficult when it is foreign to you.

Buying a computer is both simple and tricky. A decent computer is now cheaper than ever; you can buy a HP for a few hundred dollars, faster and with more Memory that dreamed of a decade ago. The slightly more difficult part is buying something that suits your needs. But even this is no so much the computer as the software you run upon it. As long as you have a current operating system you can use the latest software; and even the operating system can be updated as long as your machine is not too old.

Refurbished computers are a tempting proposition. But the quality varies. A second-hand computer sold straight from the previous owned (EBay, gumtree …etc.) may or may not be good. Avoid these unless you know enough about the computer to assess the quality yourself. Many second-hand computers are simply restored to factory pre-sets, without any maintenance. Problems can quickly make your purchase a regretful one.

Factory refurbished computers are a much safer bet, and often have some guarantee. They have been completely overhauled and inspected by a qualified technician, and will operate like new. Their only shortcoming is that they use the technical standards from when they were current technology; they are the product of the time they were built. Of course this is often not a cause for concern. If you just want to use a word processor and surf the net an older computer might be more than enough. And it will probably run a more current operating system than the one it originally came with. Many people use older computers for anything from music recording to photo-shopping. Free from viruses these computers can happily run for a decade or two.

One advantage with a refurbished computer is finding reviews by others with the same model. New computers are more advanced, but unproven in the field. Trying Goggling a computer’s model number and see if it has overheating issues, or lacks a certain vital feature, or has any other peculiarities. A little research can show if a certain model is reliable and appropriate for your situation.

If you are part of the world today you are interacting with computers. Enrich your life with a computer system of your own. Visit the Elite computer shop, Strathfield.