ELITE COMPUTERS – A Few Windows 10 Features

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It’s easy to update from windows 8 to windows, 10; it’s even free. But it’s not so easy to get use to the new operating system. Yet windows 10 is designed to be a longer term solution; if we are going to get accustomed to an operating system this looks to be the better bet.

Clear hard Drive: this was once a third party app. Now you can go to the start menu ‘storage’ section of the settings app. This will show you the files and folders on a drive and how much space they occupy. There are more powerful tools if you want to pay for third party programmes, but this inbuilt one is quite good.

Uninstall Apps: It used to be a nuisance if you wanted to uninstall an application, unless you paid for a third party programme.  Now you can right click any app on the start menu and select uninstall. If you can’t find the app you want to uninstall, just click all Apps at the bottom of the start menu.

Pin any app to the start menu. Most people know about this, but it’s a good idea for anything you use on a regular basis. It’s also good to have the old start menu back.

Keyboard shortcuts; There are more of these than ever. Including:

Win+Q or Win+S: Open Cortana (personal assistant)

Win+I: Open Windows 10 Settings.

Win+A: Open the notification centre.

Win+Ctrl+D: Create a new virtual desktop.

Win+Ctrl+F4: Close the current virtual desktop.


There is more than a little written about the privacy issues on windows 10. If you are concerned, simply change the settings.

To minimize what is sent to Microsoft.

Settings > Privacy.

Scroll to Feedback & diagnostics.

            Under Diagnostics and Usage Data select Basic.

Now only minimal information is sent to Microsoft; hopefully nothing compromising.

Fingerprint recognition capabilities. Your machine may or may not have the hardware for this, but the operating system is ready for it. This might be the end of passwords.

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One of the biggest regrets we have with fast moving technology is the missed opportunities. Individuals update their synthesizers, phones and computers knowing there was untapped potential in the devices that never got used. We can avoid this, at least to some extent, by familiarizing ourselves with the systems; it also helps to search the internet for other people’s experience and recommendations. We will never know every detail of our machines, but a little extra knowledge will be useful on a regular basis.