Opinions vary. Some people believing that portable devices such as iPads and laptop would replace all Home and office PC; others believe that portable devices were an addition to the standard PC. Of course, different individuals make their own decisions. Some acquired portable devices and stopped buying PCs; others bought both PC and portable devices. Either way, PCs have not disappeared.


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There was a 10% decline in PCs at one point, around 2013. Some blamed this on the unpopular windows 8, others on the increasing popularity of alternative and more portable devices. But the 10% was not beginning of a steady downward trend. Instead, PCs lost part of their market to other devices, but still kept about 90% of what it previously had.


The PC may benefit greatly from windows 10. One of the design criterion for windows 10 was cross compatibility with many devices. This meant it would be easier than ever to do work on a portable device and copy it to the PC at home, or vice versa. This suggested that the PC was the main computer and the portable devices were additional units. But while many people copy this pattern it is too easy to just use the portable device and forgo anything else. If our portable devices have internet connections and all the software we need, why bother with another device?


Windows 10 may have increased compatibility across devices, but making windows 10 free for older PCs (with windows 7 or better) may have had some drawbacks. PC sales may have slumped because people continued to use their old model PCs. The old model would run windows 10, so why buy a new model PC? The PCs were being used; lower sales were misinterpreted to mean that PCs were less popular, when really people just continued to update the software and not the machine hardware.


Having old PCs updated to windows 10 may have increased sales of portable devices. People knew their new portable devices were compatible with the old PC, and that was a rather good selling point. Again, PCs were still used, window 10 was being used, and portable devices were selling. But old PCs were doing fine on windows 10, so they weren’t often replaced.


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It is odd to say this in an age when technology advances so fast, but it can be cost effective to repair computers rather than replace them. If your PC or other device can run windows 10 then it’s doing fine and worth keeping.

Do you need a new computer? Then buy a refurbished one. Most refurbished computers can download and run windows 10 for free. They might be a little slower than the latest model, but otherwise they’re fully compatible and a total bargain.